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Sport Perimeter LED
Sports Perimeter LED Displays are becoming the ideal way to increase advertising dollars for sporting events from High School to the Professional Level.  The displays are designed with a half spherical soft covers on the top and front surface of the display to provide safety for the athletes.  The display screen is covered with a flexible face mask that protects it from impact.  It’s mostly used for basketball court, football arena, soccer arenas, tennis venues and rugby arenas.  


Video systems for outdoor sport perimeter advertising with medium and long viewing distances.

High refresh rate, no scanning lines even under HD camera

Built in feet make it possible to adjust the inclination angle

Top of  the display is covered with a 8” high sponge mask for protection

The front of the modules are covered with a rubber mask for protection

Easy to transport and install making it an unavoidable product in sporting event.

High brightness, large viewing angle, clear and vivid pictures,

High contrast degree and waterproof.

The waterproof joint used for connection of signal cables and power supply.

Stadiums, Football fields, Indoor Sport Arenas, Race Car Circuits, Tennis Court Arena, Volleyball and Basketball Courts