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Full Color Window Displays

Product Use: Outdoor LED Signs are ideal for curbside appeal to the passing public replacing the old letter board marquee.  Easily display message, images and Video!!!!!!

Outdoor LED Billboards

Product List

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Sports Perimeter LED Displays are becoming the ideal way to increase advertising dollars for sporting events from High School to the Professional Level.

Sports Perimeter LED Display

Ideal for banks and credit unions or anyone that is looking to train the passing public to look at their business by programming the time and temperature.

Time & Temperature Display

Gas Station Price Changers are ideal for any gas station that has to go out and exposed themselves to the rain, sun or cold to change the gas price.  Make your life easier, invest in a gas price changer and decrease your potential employee workman comp accidental insurance!!

Gas Station Price Changers

Outdoor LED Displays

Product Use: Large Window Displays are ideal for any business that has a store front with the window space to allow the attractive bright lights to catch the attention of the passing public.

Full Color LED Window Displays

Tri Color LED Window Display

Remote Control LED Window Displays are an ideal product line for business owners that would like a versatile display to advertise their product.

TriColor LED Window Display Sports Perimeter LED Display LED Gas Price Display LED Time & Temperature Display

Indoor LED Billboards

Product Use: Indoor LED Signs are ideally used in Malls, Conference Centers and other indoor venues.  Easily display message, images and Video!!!!!!

Indoor LED Displays LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED Lighting has become the most sought after lighting source for businesses that are looking to minimize energy cost and enhancing the aesthetics of their location or property.  IComm Signs provide various LED Lighting product that included, Street Lights, Tube Lighting, Strip Lights, Canopy Lights, Flood Lights and etc…

LED Channel Letters

LED Channel Letters are quickly  replacing the very expensive neon lighting.  At the same time adding the proper luminance that beautifies any business store front.

Pylon, Architectural & Monumental Signs

Pylon Signs

IComm Signs also provide it’s customers that are looking for a one stop shop to provide them with a complete sign system.  This will cover traditional signs from monumental structure to complete pylon signs for shopping centers and etc…

Church Signs With LED Display

LED Church Signs have become very popular all over the country.  IComm Signs have created a special program for these organizations to make them more affordable and attainable than any other manufacturer.

Church Signs with LED Display

School Signs With LED Display

Affordable LED School Signs can be found right here at iComm Signs.  We have created a special program for schools that are looking to add LED Displays to their school image.  This program have made them more affordable and attainable for those who would like a dynamic sign image for their school.

Motel Price Changers

LED Motel Price Changer

Motel price can be very easy to change according to room sales purposes.  This product is a very good marketing tool for Motel businesses.  Very easy to install!  Very easy to operate!

School Signs With LED Servicing & Installation

Sign Installation & Servicing

We can install your new sign even if purchase through another manufacturer.  Or if you have an existing sign that may need servicing.  Please feel free to call us.